What Is Vacation Liability RV Insurance

Life’s unpredictability extends beyond preparation.

Even venturing in an RV can bring unexpected accidents.

Insurance steps in to shield you from costs like repairs and medical bills.

Yet, if a campfire tree branch damages your camper, neither auto nor RV insurance typically covers it.

Vacation liability RV insurance
Vacation liability RV Insurance: Photo source(RVtravel.com)

An often overlooked but extremely important element to owning and traveling in an RV is vacation liability RV insurance

What is Vacation Liability RV Insurance?

RV vacation liability coverage is crucial for protecting you during your camper’s stationary moments at campsites.

Unlike regular RV liability insurance, this specialized option targets parked incidents.

With this insurance, you’re safeguarded from legal and financial risks linked to injuries or damages near your parked RV.

Pick the right coverage level and consult insurers for a carefree RV trip.

How is it Different from RV Insurance?

While its coverage protects your assets while you are parked and camping, regular RV insurance covers a range of accidents that can occur while your camper is on the move.

RV Insurance Coverage

Your RV insurance must cover collision damage, vandalism, weather, and usually provide bodily injury liability.

It should also safeguard against damage caused by collisions with uninsured drivers.

What Does It Cover?

So, what exactly will the purchase of vacation liability RV insurance cover?

Although this type of insurance typically comes into effect only when you park your camper at any location, fortunately, it can encompass a wide range of accidents you may experience while camping.

Property Damage

Most US states mandate RV insurance. It covers road damage, not when parked.

Vacation liability coverage is for campsite accidents.

Without it, you might face hefty repair costs for campground mishaps.

What kind of accidents can be covered?

  • A neighbor backs their camper into yours while backing into a parking space
  • Heavy winds topple tree branches, puncturing holes in the tent fabric of your sweet Expedition camper trailer.
  • A wayward spark blows through an open window, lighting a fire in your camper.

In these types of accidents, most RV insurance and auto insurance policies won’t cover you for damages. While it’s unlikely you’ll ever run into one of the scenarios, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Injury to Someone Else

Imagine camping at an RV park, having drinks with neighbors.

An accident happens – you accidentally topple your friend’s chair, causing them to get injured.

You’re at fault, potentially liable for their medical costs.

Vacation liability insurance steps in, covering medical expenses and legal fees if sued.

For reliable coverage, explore Good Sam Insurance Agency’s policies, known for specialized RV insurance.

When Does Vacation Liability Coverage Not Kick-In?

Pretty straightforward answer here; when you’re on the road.

If your camper is moving, or even parked in a parking lot, your vacation liability coverage probably won’t kick in.

Liability Coverage for Full-timers

Camp in your camper over 150 nights annually, you’re a full-time RVer to insurers.

No vacation liability option? Full timers’ coverage steps in, handling injuries and campsite damage, plus more.

It’s ideal for full-timers due to broader coverage.

Be cautious of overlapping policies – if they detect full-timers’ coverage, vacation liability might refuse payouts.


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