How To Get Property And Casualty Insurance License

Insurance agents, essentially salespeople, hold licenses to sell various insurance products like health, property, casualty, and life insurance.

A high school diploma is the minimum for an insurance sales career, but having a bachelor’s degree, especially in finance, business, or public speaking, can enhance opportunities.

Property and Casualty Insurance Licence
How to get property & casualty insurance license: Photo source (Sapling)

Each state sets its prerequisites for acquiring a property and casualty license.

What do I need to know to pass the Property and Casualty exam?

To get your Property and Casualty insurance producer license, pass a state exam showcasing industry basics.

Topics include homeowners, auto, marine, flood, commercial insurance, and more.

The test covers insurance concepts, contract terms, perils, policies, and state-specific rules.

Steps to get your Property and Casualty License

Step 1: Enroll in a property and casualty insurance prelicensing course

While not all states demand pre-licensing certification, we strongly advise all license applicants to finish a study program to effectively pass the state licensing exam.

Step 2: Register for the state exam through your state’s designated exam provider

When preparing for your state exam, we recommend that you schedule your exam in advance and study for your exam date.

The exam testing vendor for each state releases an examination content outline.

This outline breaks down the testable topics and indicates the number of questions for each area of concentration.

Step 3: Complete the requirements for your state

Licensing candidates should anticipate spending at least 40 hours on this process.

The course will furnish the necessary general product and state-specific information for passing the state exam.

As this program is self-paced, make sure to outline your study plan to stay on track and successfully pass on your first attempt!

Step 4: Pass your state exam with confidence

To prepare for exam day, make sure you have the correct address and directions to the test center and plan to arrive early in case you run into any unexpected delays.

On examination day, familiarize yourself with the test center rules and procedures.

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Ask for ear plugs if you are easily distracted and take time to go through the testing demo to calm your nerves.

Remember, don’t change any answers unless you are 100% sure of the correct answer.

Step 5: Follow your state requirements to apply for your license

Congratulations, you are on your way to becoming a licensed property and casualty insurance producer!


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