How Much Is Insurance For Bounce House Business

Having fun while boosting your business is easy with bounce houses! However, if you’re considering starting your own bounce house business, it’s crucial to grasp the insurance requirements.

This article delves into the fundamentals of Bounce House Insurance, guiding you to determine the optimal coverage for your venture.

Bounce House Business
Insurance is vital for your bounce house business, shielding you from product liability, personal injury, and negligence claims. Costs vary based on location, deductible, employee count, per-occurrence limit, and general aggregate limit. Typically, US bounce house businesses pay $300-$800 annually for $1 million in general liability coverage: Photo source (

What is insurance for a bounce house business?

Insurance is essential for bounce house businesses due to the potential for significant damages.

Without proper coverage, the business might be held liable for accidents or property damage, leading to substantial costs.

When selecting insurance, ensure comprehensive coverage for accidents and property damage, seek a reputable insurer experienced in this field, and carefully understand policy exclusions and limitations to protect your business effectively.

Types of coverage and what they include

Bounce house businesses need two key insurance types: property and liability.

Property insurance covers damage to the bounce house from natural events, while liability insurance protects against lawsuits arising from injuries during use.

Having both is crucial; liability insurance won’t prevent a lawsuit, and property insurance replaces the bounce house if it’s destroyed.

Consult an insurance agent to find the right coverage for your business.

What is the difference between property and liability insurance?

Insurance can protect a business from financial losses in the event of an accident or loss of property.

Property insurance covers items like equipment, vehicles, and buildings.

Liability insurance protects businesses from legal liability, such as lawsuits filed by people who were injured while using the business’ services.

How much does insurance cost for a bounce house business?

When starting a bounce house business, be prepared for insurance expenses.

You’ll need general liability insurance for accidents and damages on your property, as well as an umbrella policy covering property damage and bodily injury.

Ensure your policy can cover lawsuit costs, equipment damage, and specific activities/dates.

Carefully reviewing the policy details is crucial to safeguard your business effectively.


If you are thinking of starting a Bounce House business, it is important to know the cost of insurance.

A standard policy for a Bounce House business will cover property damage and injuries, as well as liability claims.

Make sure to talk to your agent about the specifics of your business and what type of coverage you need.

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