Does Renters Insurance Cover Business Property

If you’re a tenant, you might be curious about the extent of coverage your renters insurance provides for your business assets.

Especially if you operate a business out of your residence, you might assume that your renters insurance safeguards your equipment, tools, and other business belongings against damage or loss.

Yet, the actual coverage hinges on the specifics of your insurance policy.

This article delves into the question of whether renters insurance includes protection for business property, offering essential insights for tenants to consider.

Does renters insurance cover business property?
Business property includes assets used for business activities such as equipment, tools, inventory, supplies, and other essential items: Photo courtesy (

What is renters insurance?

Rental insurance offers protection for your personal belongings, liability, and accommodation costs in the event of damage to your rented property or the need to move due to a covered incident.

It’s crucial to note that renters insurance excludes coverage for your landlord’s possessions or any harm caused intentionally by you.

What is business property?

Business property encompasses any property utilized for business activities, encompassing equipment, tools, inventory, supplies, and other essential assets.

If you are leasing a space, your rental property may house some or all of your business property.

Does renters insurance cover business property?

In general, most renters insurance policies have limited coverage for business property.

This means that while your policy may cover some of your business property (such as a laptop or phone), it may not provide adequate coverage for larger business assets (such as inventory or machinery).

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Limited coverage for business property

Renters insurance often has a limited coverage for business property, which varies by policy and may not fully cover damage or loss costs.

Some policies may also exclude coverage for specific types of business property, like expensive electronics.

Adding a business endorsement to your renters insurance

Consider adding a business endorsement to your renters insurance for increased coverage on valuable business property stored at your rental.

What is a business endorsement?

A business endorsement is an extension of your renters insurance policy that provides additional coverage for your business property.

This type of endorsement is typically tailored to your specific business needs, so it may include coverage for specific types of property or certain events.

Additional coverage options for business property

In addition to adding a business endorsement, there are other insurance options available to renters who need additional coverage for their business property.

Some options include:

  • Business Owners Policy (BOP)
  • In-homeĀ business insurance
  • Commercial general liability insurance

How to evaluate your insurance needs for business property

Assess your business property, associated risks, and potential costs to decide your coverage needs.

Consult with an insurance agent for personalized advice.

How to file a claim for business property under renters insurance

Promptly file a claim with your renters insurance for business property damage or loss.

Submit documentation such as photos and receipts for assessment by the insurance adjuster to determine coverage.

What to do if your business property is not covered by renters insurance

If your renters insurance policy does not cover your business property, you may need to explore other insurance options or consider self-insuring your business property.

Additionally, you may want to consider taking steps to minimize your risk of damage or loss, such as investing in security measures or storing valuable property off-site.


For those leasing property, it’s crucial to grasp the various insurance coverage choices available for your business assets.

Although renters insurance offers some protection, it might not be sufficient to comprehensively safeguard your business assets.

By examining supplementary insurance alternatives and assessing your individual requirements, you can guarantee that your business is suitably shielded in case of damage or loss.


Can I add a business endorsement to my renters insurance?

Yes, for significant business property at your rental, you can add an endorsement for extra coverage.

What does renters insurance typically cover?

It covers personal items like clothing and electronics, and some policies may include certain business property like laptops.

Do I need commercial insurance for a home business?

It depends on your business’s size and nature; substantial business property may require additional coverage.

How do I decide how much coverage I need for my business property?

Evaluate your property, business risks, and potential costs. Consult an agent for guidance.

What should I do if my business property is stolen or damaged?

File a claim promptly with your renters insurance, providing documentation like photos and receipts.

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