Does Business Insurance Cover Robbery

Businesses often grapple with the substantial risk of theft, encompassing incidents like robbery.

Numerous business proprietors question the extent of their insurance coverage regarding robbery.

Within this handbook, we will delve into the topic of whether business insurance provides protection against robbery and elucidate the factors that may impact this coverage.

Business insurance coverage for robbery
Business insurance can protect against robbery and other crimes like forgery, computer fraud, and theft by employees or outsiders: Photo courtesy (Insuranceopedia)

Robbery is generally included in most business insurance policies, but the extent of coverage can differ based on the policy type and the specific terms and conditions stated in the document.

It is crucial for business proprietors to thoroughly examine their insurance policies to comprehend the scope of coverage offered in case of a robbery.

What Types of Business Insurance Policies Cover Robbery?

Several types of business insurance policies can cover robbery, including:

Commercial Property Insurance

This insurance policy protects a business’s property by providing coverage for various forms of damage, such as theft, robbery, and other criminal activities.

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) consolidates multiple coverage types into one comprehensive policy, encompassing general liability insurance, property insurance, and business interruption insurance.

Certain BOPs might also incorporate protection against theft and robbery.

Commercial Crime Insurance

Commercial crime insurance policies are designed to specifically address losses resulting from criminal activities, including theft and robbery.

What Factors Can Affect Coverage for Robbery?

Several factors can affect whether or not a business insurance policy covers robbery, including:

Type of Business

Some businesses, like retail stores dealing in cash transactions, face a higher risk of robbery compared to those relying on electronic payments.


A business’s risk of robbery can be influenced by its location.

Those situated in high-crime areas are more susceptible to robbery and might have distinct insurance coverage compared to businesses in low-crime areas.

Security Measures

Insurance providers anticipate business owners to implement sensible security measures to safeguard their assets.

In cases where adequate precautions like alarms, video surveillance, and secure safes are lacking, insurance policies might offer reduced coverage for robbery incidents.

Amount of Coverage

The amount of coverage provided by a business insurance policy can vary.

Business owners should carefully review their policies to understand the specific terms and conditions related to coverage for robbery.

What Is Covered in the Event of a Robbery?

In case of a robbery, the insurance policy may cover:

  1. Loss of Property: This includes damage and theft of merchandise, cash, and equipment.
  2. Business Interruption: Coverage for lost income during the downtime if the business can’t operate.
  3. Liability: Protection against liability claims if a third party is injured during the robbery.


Will my business insurance cover robbery losses?

Coverage depends on your policy. Some may cover robbery losses, others may not. Review your policy and consult your agent for details.

Which businesses are at higher robbery risk?

Cash-heavy businesses like retail stores and restaurants are at risk. High-crime area locations also face higher threats.

How to deter robbery at my business?

Install security cameras, hire guards, or use a security system. Train employees to handle robbery situations.

How much coverage do I need for robbery losses?

Coverage depends on your business assets’ value and potential losses. Consult your insurer for appropriate coverage.

Are there exclusions for robbery losses?

Some policies exclude specific types of robberies or losses, like those involving employees. Check your policy for details.

Can I get extra coverage for robbery losses?

Yes, you can purchase additional coverage. Discuss options with your insurance provider.

How to ensure adequate protection against robbery losses?

Review your policy, implement security measures, and train employees. Stay informed about your coverage details.

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